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We understand that homeowners find it challenging to rent out their properties and often hire third-party real estate agents at a large expense to handle the leasing process. We at DreamHouse optimize this process for our homeowners by eliminating the hours spent on reviewing renter applications, advertising their space, and collecting rent. 

DreamHouse manages the property on the landlord's behalf and provides for standard business services and furniture where necessary including ultra-fast broadband, printers, software and subscriptions to key resources to ensure tenants have everything they need to build sustainable businesses and networks in the Greater Atlanta area.


STEP 1: Introduce the property: If you already own a property in the Atlanta area you can apply to add that property to the DreamHouse Network of Homes. If you are looking to buy a property we have a list of properties across the metro area that are ideal for the DreamHouse model. We will help you facilitate an acquisition of these properties.

STEP 2: DreamHouse will sign a management agreement for the entire house or building. This is great for partners who want a higher cash-on-cash yield and the opportunity to participate in the co-living model or DreamHouse will sign a master lease for the entire house or building. This is great for partners who want a stable, fixed return on their asset.

What to expect after partnering with DreamHouse?

With your approval,

1. We will fully-furnish your property with curated furnishing and community driven working spaces.

2. We will commence placement of interviewed tenants that will have completed contractual agreement.

3. Lastly, our core goal is to provide the necessary appliances, connoctivity, and space that will be used to accelerate the careers, businesses, and projects that also reside in the house.


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