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Questions and Answers


For Residents

What is DreamHouse Co-Living?

DreamHouse Co-living takes the ideals seen in current co-living communities of friendly and approachable roommates from all walks of life and marries it to our ideal of a work life balance.  

Who Are the Residents?

Ideally our tenants are passionate and driven business owners from all walks of life and experience.

What Can I Expect from DreamHouse?

You can expect to interact with some of the top minds the DreamHouse Network has to offer, access to a retainer list of great companies excited to help the members of the DreamHouse Network meet their goals, business class internet connection and a comfortable inviting home to work from that offers all the perks of an office campus.

How Long is my Stay with DreamHouse?

We offer 9  or 12 months lease on all of our DreamHouse locations

How Does Move In Work?

We collect a $500 deposit that will be used to secure your room and safe guard against any damages that may take place during your stay with us. Days later you arrive with your bags and the adventure begins.

Who move into a DreamHouse?

Artists, young professionals, and any size start-up team from 1 person to 12, we have properties to match the needs of every company or team interested in living with us. 

How does Rent Payment work?

First of the month we collect rent, rent payments can be setup to be paid automatically if this is desirable to our residents.

Membership Events:

Weekly Dinners: House dinners every Sunday night make it easy for all members to hangout and catchup.

Goal Sessions: Share what you're working on and get feedback and ideas from a community of smart people.

Outings: Go out and explore the city together:cruises, bars, clubbing, hiking, runs, movies, and much more.

Speaker Events: Successful entrepreneurs, investors, executives and experts share advice with our community.

Hackathons: Members across all the houses come together to build new projects together over a weekend.

Social Events: In-house social events: holiday celebrations, cross-community olympics, reunions and more.


What We Offer:

Affordable office and living space, flexible leases, shared access to office equipment, competitive pricing, and negotiable packages are some of the few things we offer at Dreamhouse but to be more specific we also offer;

  • Business Alliances

    • Help initiate contacts for strategic partnerships and other business alliances

    • Introduce Clients to Dreamhouse board members and advisors who may be able to identify possible business opportunities.

    • Hold tech events and invite users to take part events both at Dreamhouse and away.

    • Access to the Dreamhouse Network

  • Funding Sources

    • Help Clients in identifying financing sources

    • Provide introductions to potential funding sources

    • Refine fundraising presentations

    • Improve presentation skills

  • Strategic Planning

    • Assist with business plan development

    • Provide introductions to potential funding sources

    • Refine fundraising presentations

    • Improve presentation skills

  • Training

    • Set up panel meetings with accountants,lawyers, and/or other professionals to discuss financial, legal or other major business issues

    • Hold monthly seminars at Dreamhouse on a variety of business topics

    • Advertise seminars and other functions outside of Dreamhouse and the Dreamhouse Network focusing on small business issues

    • Provide literature on a variety of services aimed at small business.

  • Marketing

    • Assistance with the development of marketing strategies, sales strategies and Internet strategies for your company.

    • Assistance in website development

    • Assistance in designing and printing marketing materials such as brochures, newsletters, ads

    • Coordinate newspaper articles on Clients business events and help construct and distribute press releases.

  • Technical Support

    • Provide Internet access

    • Provide technical support and consulting for some computer software packages

    • Identify computer personnel for hardware sales, problems

  • Other Business Assistance

    • Make recommendations for services providers such as lawyers, accountants, marketers, bankers, etc.

    • Keep resumes on file to aid in your search for qualified employees

    • Assist in redesign of home and office space to fit Client's needs

    • Notarise documents


What happens if I want to Move Out early

If you want to leave before your contract ends, please let us know and we can help you find someone to take your room. However, ultimately it is your responsibility to find someone to take over your remaining time left.

What does rent include?

  • Turn-key living solutions

  • Fully-Furnished homes

  • Access to first class In- House Events

  • Business class internet

  • Projectors

  • Sound system

  • Extensive Kitchenware

  • Coffee/tea

  • Fresh fruit (Weekly)

  • Spices

  • Shampoo

  • Soap

  • linen service

  • Toilet paper

  • Reference from Dream House

  • The choice between single or shared rooms (Prices vary)

What are the House Rules?

A Few house rules that all members of the Dreamhouse network are expected to follow while living in the house.

House rules:

  • You can invite up to five people on any day, for larger gatherings notify other residents at least three days in advance.

  • When you invite guests, introduce them to other residents, it is nice when everybody knows each other.

  • Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, we have a dishwasher for a reason.


  • Residents need to be between 21 and 44 years old and have a permanent job.

  • Don’t eat food without asking

  • Wear clothes in common area

  • No pets


For Landlords

How is damage to Property Handled?

The deposits we take from our residents should cover any damages to the property itself, on your end you would need to have proof of homeowners insurance to ensure the quickest resolution to any problem.

To what extent will you be liable for the well being of those living in your property?

As the subleasing party DreamHouse will take on much of the responsibility for the well being of our Residents with minimal responsibility falling on you the owner as determined by the State.

How much say do you have on who operates within a DreamHouse?

To ensure the best experience possible we will handle the selection process of residents, you may however reject applications before they have signed their lease. All residents have gone through the proper security checks, interviews, and identity verification so you can trust any selection we make is best for your property.

What is the process to becoming a DreamHouse?

First a representative comes and sizes your home to assess its potential fit for the Dream House network, after you define the terms of partnership and when doors will be ready to welcome guest, after a team is selected they will normally move in within the next two weeks. From there Dream House will do all your worrying for you so you can relax and get back to what matters to you most.

How Long will your property stay as a DreamHouse?

We will hold your home unoccupied on our retainer list for as long as you'd like, with a mandatory 1 months that the house should be available to move our residents in. The leases for most Dream Houses are 9 to 12 months with the option to renew or not renew coming up at the end of each of these cycles.