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leave your worries at the door.

Who is co-living for?

Some of our residents want to remove the hassle out of their life by paying one bill that covers all work-life expenses. others are looking for a space equipped with resources that save them money on rental fees that can be used to build their businesses. And many people move in because they want to be surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs.

DreamHouse strives to recreate communities in the "loneliness epidemic" caused by the digital age.

“Among the young, the “loneliness epidemic” has gone viral: nearly 60 percent of 18- to-34-year-olds told the Mental Health Foundation they felt lonely often or sometimes”
— Wired Magazine

What To Expect


Tenants pay at minimum $500 a week or $1,800 a month for global access to a network of luxury co-living and co-working spaces with cleaning services and access to bonus excursion packages.

DreamHouse has mastered flexibility and offer meaningful financial savings to our residents being around 25-30% cheaper than the traditional renting option. With this in mind we have developed several types of membership all with their own benefits and access levels.

Customer Packages:

Standard membership: All in location services + access to the DreamNetwork online platform, all DreamNetwork events, discount on DreamOffice spaces, and access to exclusive discounts and offerings when traveling on DreamHouse organized retreats or staying with DreamHouse for a short stay.

Flexibility: All in location services + this monthly membership offers access to all DreamHouse short stay spaces for a monthly fee with choice priority over standard members, the ability to change spaces on a 2 day notice, 25% discounts on DreamHouse excursions and DreamHouse remote location rentals, and work desk access to DreamOffice Spaces as well as one month of free access to the DreamNetwork which features access to job boards, major events, and travel discounts.

Network Solo: Access to DreamHouse online network and job board along with access to most DreamHouse events and some services and discounts.

Dreamer: Everything in the standard package + lifetime membership to the DreamNetwork, access to a work desk and conference room, total access to all remote and short stay locations and two free excursion trips for the year. Total flexibility with rental lengths (stays from 1 week to 9 months)

Tester: Available discounts on rent and in house access to the DreamHouse Network and access to some DreamHouse Events for feedback on utilities, brands, and product usage while staying in a DreamHouse location. *Minimum stay of 5 months to 9 months in one location*

All Packages include:
-Business Class Internet
-SmartHome Appliances
-All inclusive Rent
-Access to the DreamHouse Network of homes, partner companies and events

Shared Space

Beautifully designed shared kitchens, communal entertainment spaces, luxury facilities and dining rooms for private and social events.


Along with your rent, all your bills regular cleaning, linen, and laundry service is offered at a small additional fee to every resident. There is even a dedicated list of companies and service men allocated to let you leave your worries at the door.


Membership with DreamHouse offers you access to the Dream Network, a collection of locations and companies that host events, and depending on space will host you when you visit a city.


Live alongside other likeminded young professionals keen to connect, collaborate and socialize. Dedicated community managers provide a regular program of entertainment, talks, community activities and events to experience with your new neighbors and friends.


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