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Our Mission

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In today's highly competitive fast paced market, it's terribly hard to find the sweet spot between living and working. Now more than ever status anxiety, depression, and feelings of loneliness characterize the working public. Statistically speaking, more young adults are staying home with mom and dad than ever recorded while small businesses and startups are being founded in reflective numbers. It's time to take some notes from ancient philosophers like Epicurus and invent a community that has the forwardness of tomorrow with the closeness of yesterday's small town. Introducing DreamHouse, the future of homes and communities.

DreamHouse sets out to build co-living spaces that bring together entrepreneurs from all stages to live, work, and grow under the same roof. We believe for more small businesses to be successful there must be a working network, a community looking to help their neighbors grow. It is in this spirit Dream House coins a new phrase, “sitting comfortably between co-living and co-working, we desire that our tenants experience co-existing”.